Composer Residency Rodamusic – 2nd Edition 2022

Ensemble in Residence: Riot Ensemble (London)

Where? Potries, València (Spain) 

When? One week during June 2022

Comission award: 700 € + Accommodation ( + Travel + Per Diems

Ensemble in residence: Riot Ensemble (London)

  • Sarah Saviet (violin)
  • Stephen Upshaw (viola)

Composer-Tutor: Voro García


Application deadline:

  • 25th of March 2022

Application fee: 10 €

Results: 5 April 2022

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BASESEnglish (PDF) – English (Drive)


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Application fee  (The application will not be considered without this)

The application will have a fee of 10 Euros. This payment will include a masterclass aimed for composers, by Sarah Saviet (violin) and Stephen Upshaw (viola). They will talk about techniques and writing for their instruments. It will take place on the 23rd of June, just before the concert where the piece from the residence will be premiered. It will also be streamed online, for the composers who cannot be there personally.


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Arranged by Associació Cultural Rodamúsic.

Associates: Ajuntament de Potries, Institut Valencià de Cultura.

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