We are so pleased to show you the program that Potries Music Fest 2021 will be bringing this summer. From the 12th to the 15th of August come and discover our lovely village through the very diverse music of these fantastic artists.

2021 programming

Thursday – August 12


– Time: 21:00 h
– Place: Recinte Firal
– Price: 10 €
– Capacity: 100 people

Fiday – August 13


– Time: 11:30 h and 13:00 h (2 sessions)
– Place: Swimming pool
– Price: Free. Previous registration
– Capacity: 20 people

Xuqr2 & Rodamúsic

– Time: 19:30 h
– Place: Casa de la Cultura
– Price: 5 €
– Capacity: 55 people


– Time: 20:30 h
– Place: C/ Jaume I with C/ l’Aigüera
– Price: Free

Saturday – August 14

Trio Ausiàs March

– Time: 18:30 h
– Place: Church
– Price: 5 €
– Capacity: 75 people

Juan de Pilar

– Time: 22:00 h
– Place: Plaça del País Valencià
– Price: Free

Sunday – August 15

Bambú Ensemble

– Time: 13:00 h
– Place: Church
– Price: 5 €
– Capacity: 75 people

Maria del Mar Bonet amb Borja Penalba

– Time: 22:00 h
– Place: Recinte Firal
– Price: 15 € (Advanced sale until August 4: 12 €)
– Capacity: 200 people

2021 Edition

Edition history

What is it?

Potries Music Fest aims to be a meeting of an intercultural nature that combines music with the Mediterranean essence of our people, both from the heritage, environmental and ethnological point of view. The varied offer of musical performances that is proposed addresses different musical styles with origins in all parts of the world.

The initiative was born in 2018 that the small municipality of La Safor, Potries is declared Valencian Cultural Capital, in order to offer the local public and visiting quality musical proposals, distributed as small “tastings” within the most emblematic spaces of our town, so we will enjoy concerts to places like a Cassoleria, a water route of more than 500 years, a natural auditorium, etc.

Potries, a town in the valencian rural area, has been betting for years to pose in value its rich cultural and natural heritage, also as spaces for collective enjoyment, and as magnificent settings for developing various activities, among which is the music.

Potries Music Fest, was born to create a cultural offer for our people and our environment, where music, as a differential feature of our essence, is the haystack that combines our heritage and ethnological elements, such as traditional gastronomy, building a proposal that it added value to other similar events.


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